The Chesapeake Flying Club, as defined by the by-laws, is a non-profit, non-stock corporation with equity owned by all members. The purpose of the club is as follows:

  1. To encourage social interactions between the members.
  2. To acquire, own, hold, lease, sell, pledge, mortgage, or otherwise dispose or any property, real or personal, necessary to the operation of the Club.
  3. To promote and encourage flying by its members and to lower flying costs for them.
  4. To promote club training programs for its members in order to enable them to maintain their flying proficiency and increase safety.
  5. To own and maintain one or more aircraft for the use of members of the Club.
  6. To encourage people to become interested in flying.
  7. To acquire, preserve, and distribute educational material of value to its members.

As with any endeavor of merit, there are rules and regulations that provide guidance. The following links provide the documents describing the structure under which the Chesapeake Flying Club operates. The members are encouraged and expected to be familiar with them.