As Promised – Monthly Fee Reduction

We’ve reduced our monthly costs! And because of that, we can reduce our monthly fee. We were charging our five members $330/month. Because of the reduction, we have reduced that to $300/month. Another couple of members are about to join, which will reduce the individual member fee even more.

How are we able to do this? After two years of operation, we’re finding that we can do more of the club business ourselves. We still have some fixed costs that we’d like to reduce, so we’re continuing to actively work to be as affordable as possible.

Now’s a great time to join the club. Some of the best flying is in the fall and even the winter months are great for plane performance and smooth air. Come on in and fly with us!

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Summer 2017 News

It’s been a while since we last posted: we’re having a great time going flying. But it’s time to share the latest with you.

We had the Garmin GTX 335 ADS-B Out transponder installed last winter. We are now legal to fly in the local airspace when 2020 rolls around. Also, given the right ADS-B In equipment, you can see uplinked traffic as well as weather information. Using an Appareo Stratus/Foreflight combination (0r other ADS-B In equipment), you can see and avoid transponder-equipped aircraft flying around you. It’s a great safety feature!

We are actively working to reduce the club fees. Effective immediately, the club buy-in has been reduced from $4800 to $2400. As before, it is refundable upon leaving the club after meeting the conditions laid out in the by-laws. Also, we are negotiating to reduce our monthly fee. After two years of operation, we’ve found that we can do many of the duties associated with running the club ourselves rather than paying others to do it.

The plane has been working great and the club continues to be an affordable and fun way to enjoy flying. Send us an email if you have any questions. We’d love to talk with you.

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Fabulous Fall

Much has happened this Fall and much is coming up. We participated in several fly-ins and aviation events. We made some modifications to the plane. We even just enjoyed flying around.

The club continues to spread the word to attract new members. We were up at two events at Massey airfield and one at Essex. We also participated in and helped sponsor the 2016 Tangier Island Holly Run. We met many other pilots and told them about the club.

We did our regular 100 hour inspection of N905GB. The skilled mechanics down at Hyde Field performed their usual great job of routine maintenance. The big addition was fuel sample points on the wings. The new Tecnam Eaglets have them and now N905GB does too. This helps make sure the fuel is clean and ready to go. In January, we’ll be adding ADS-B Out to the plane. We’ll do this through the replacement of the current transponder with a new Garmin GTX-335, which will meet the 2020 FAA ADS-B mandate.

With the addition of the new hangars on the north side of Bay Bridge Airport, several hangars opened up on the south side. N905GB is now being sheltered in hangar A-12 on the south side. We’re excited to bring the plane out of the elements. Also, it will be much easier to prepare the plane for flying: no tie down, no cowl plugs, and best of all, no snow and ice to remove! We’re also be able to keep supplies and owner maintenance items in the cabinet in the hangar.

Chesapeake Flying Club continues to make flying even more fun and easier. Give us a call or send an email if you’d like to be part of the club too!

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Saving Money in a Flying Club

How much does it cost to fly with Chesapeake Flying Club? Well a better question might be, “How much does it cost to fly any place else?” Let’s take a look at Chesapeake Flying Club’s numbers first.

The current rates are as follows:

  • $4800 to purchase a share of the plane (completely refundable when leaving the club)
  • $270/month for fixed costs
  • $65/hour wet for flying costs

As more more members join, the club will reduce the fixed costs, which are about $1620/month for insurance, tie down, and administrative costs. If the buy-in cost is a step up for you, the club can work out a buy-in payment plan to spread the cost over time. If you have any other questions, just send an email to

Compare this against renting for $130 hour. You break even after just about four hours of flying per month. It becomes an even better deal as more members join. Also, by flying with the club, you are covered under the club’s insurance when flying the club plane. If you’re not renting elsewhere, you can drop your renters insurance. If you own, maintenance costs are spread across the members. Finally, the time to maintain the plane is shared by the members. All this leads to flying more and paying less.

Flying clubs are a great deal. Come join us today!

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Being a ‘In the Moment’ Professional Aviator

Jonathan David Settle – Chesapeake Flying Club Safety Officer

Have you ever considered the importance of taking a ‘Professional’ approach to being an Aviator and always being ‘In the Moment’?

Different definitions can apply; but, a Professional is someone who operates at the highest standards of excellence, manifests this in all of his or her behaviors and decisions, and always strives to be the best that he or she can be.  Being In the Moment means you, when flying, are solely focused on your flight, nothing else, from the time you leave your house until a post-flight checklist is complete and the aircraft is secured in its’ hangar or spot on the flight line.

Let’s look at some opportunities to be a real Professional and always In the Moment!  These are representative examples and by no means an exhaustive list.

  1. When you step into your car to drive to the airport, are you thinking about your flight, what you will do, events that could have a negative impact, and options to respond?
  2. Do you know the aircraft perfectly – every airspeed restriction and every published emergency procedure, as examples?
  3. Do you conduct a thorough pre-flight and if a discrepancy is discovered, avoid thinking ‘oh, that will be ok’ so as to not delay or cancel your flight?
  4. Do you precisely follow the checklist, understand each response, and why the item is present as well as the impact if ignored?
  5. Have you assessed the weather for your planned flight and made adjustments if applicable?  An adjustment could mean that the weather conditions are beyond my skill level and I cancel.
  6. Will fuel capacity be a factor?
  7. If a problem develops once airborne, what are alternative airports available?
  8. Do I strive to be precisely on altitude and on airspeed for every phase?  If not, does the same lack of attention to altitude and speed reflect how you approach flying overall?
  9. Do you read professional journals, attend refresher courses, and take advantage of industry resources to continually advance your knowledge?
  10. Do you seek out and fly with an Instructor more frequently than required to build new skills or improve upon skills you have but may not have used for a while?

Being able to answer ‘Yes’ to all of the above would certainly define you as taking a Professional approach to flying and striving to always be In the Moment.  You then clearly recognize the importance of these to being safe and not having an incident or accident that would impact your well-being or that of the aircraft!

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