Introduction to the Chesapeake Flying Club

Do you want to fly more, yet pay less? Do you want to have a plane for more than three hours for long trips? Do you want to avoid the hassle getting a medical? Chesapeake Flying Club is the place for you to be right now!

The Chesapeake Flying Club name says it all; sport flying along the beautiful and scenic Chesapeake Bay. Located at the Bay Bridge Airport (W29), just east of the Washington, D.C. SFRA, the Chesapeake Flying Club offers affordable and fun light sport aircraft for its members.

The Chesapeake Flying Club is a non-profit, equity-based flying club, with a member buying their portion of the plane then sharing the monthly aircraft expenses–an affordable way to enjoy flying! The hourly fee of $65 with fuel is very reasonable due to the low rate of fuel consumption on light sport aircraft.

The club provides a Tecnam Eaglet LSA. The Eaglet is a modern, exciting aircraft with a comfortable payload of two passengers and full fuel. Easy and comfortable to fly, it’s great for day and overnight trips. With Chesapeake Flying Club, you have the flexibility to make the trips you want to make.

Membership applications are available! (Follow the Join link). We started the club on September 26, 2015 at Bay Bridge airport. We’re always looking forward to new folks to join and enjoy the savings, friendships and adventures that are part of a flying club!

While we are pleased about the interest student pilots have in joining the club, memberships are limited to pilots with at least a light-sport license. If you are a prospective student, contact our friends over at Chesapeake Sport Pilot flight school, a nationally recognized school for learning to fly. If you are currently a student pilot, contact us as soon as the DPE says “Congratulations!”, and start enjoying the result of your hard work!